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Definitely, before a football match, the players usually train very hard and also learn the tactics on how to win the match (on the field). This implies that before your ACCA professional exam, you need to fully understand things you must do doing your exam which we usually teach our students and I glad that the below principles have been proven by our students pass rate. So, in today’s blog, I will be explaining the principles to you so that you can also pass your exam with ease.

Things you must do/understand before you get to the exam hall:

You know most of ACCA professional papers is all about case study and you need to approach the questions like a consultant because the examiner is testing you on real life scenarios so you must read wide to cover the entire syllabus especially if you have a tight schedule. So, you need to learn to multiply by 1.5 – vital to good time management in the exam. So how hard can that be? Why 1.5? Well, that is the number of minutes you have to get a mark on P Paper (180 mins/100 marks = 1.8, but allowing 30 minutes to read the paper even after planning time leaves 150 mins/100 marks = 1.5 minutes per mark). This recommendation is adopted from one of ACCA examiner’s report because it is common for candidates to spend a disproportionate amount of time on questions with few marks. That why you need to understand what you have to do to get just one mark.

Things you should do when given the paper in the exam hall

You know ACCA professional level is not all about writing the exam but also  a strategic exercise, so you must:

–  Plan your time once you receive your exam paper.

– Organized, which questions to answer.

– In what order and, most importantly.

– How to score the most marks out of each question to ensure that you reach the magic 50%.

– Lastly, you need to plan your answers which is very important.

Actually, one the major mistakes students make in the exam hall is that they believe that the first 30 minute is for reading the questions only instead of also planning. I mean critical planning because you need to decide the questions you intend to attempt and it must be questions that you fully understand so that you can have full confidence that you will pass your ACCA exam.

Things candidates should do when starting to write – this means your presentation skills.

The examiner expects you to analyze the case study problem and also identify things that are absent. Furthermore, research has shown that there is three major type of exam presentation:

a good content and well presented – these are easy to read and mark.

a good content but not well presented – these are difficult to read and to mark.
a good presentation but poor content – it usually exam failure.

So, I strongly encourage you that you have all the positive quality so that you can pass your ACCA exam with ease and you will get all this quality in our comprehensive ACCA video lectures.

To your ACCA exam success,

Tayo Stephen.

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