Finally, Finally, Finally, Starry Gold Academy is now ACCA silver approved learning partners (SALP).

Over the space of 10 years of teaching experience, I have realized that adopting an effective study technique is one of the most important ways to pass your ACCA exams with ease and these principles have been proven by lots of our students pass rate.

Below is how you can effective study techniques for your ACCA exam:

1. Make study a habit

It’s not easily working and writing ACCA exam at the same time. But, you need to study as possible so that you can pass your ACCA exam with ease and you also need your job to pay ACCA bills (exam fees, subscription fees). So, I do advise our students to make the best use of their time. For instance, discipline yourself to study at least one hour daily) precisely very early in the morning) when your brain is still fresh to assimilate faster and if you fail to study for a day you will have to punish yourself and give away a certain amount of money that will pain you when you give it away.

2. Study the right material

Lots of students have used our video lectures to pass their exams and we have produced lots of certified accountant across Africa and that one of the major reason why ACCA gave us silver approved learning partners. Furthermore, our videos are in line with current syllabus; you can study at your own convenient time to suit your busy schedule; 8 diets past questions are fully treated in the videos; the soft copy will be available that you can print out and use it as a note. So, I strongly advise that you study the right materials like our ACCA approved comprehensive video lectures.

3. Ask questions if you don’t understand

You know ACCA exam is all about questions. This implies that the more questions you ask and solved the higher your chances of passing ACCA exam, That why we have FREE support forum where you can ask the lecturer any question relating your ACCA  when stock. In addition, the lecturer will be setting questions on a weekly basis to test your knowledge on ACCA past & exam likely questions.  Click Here Join Whatsapp Group Now!.

Furthermore, there will be a Facebook live broadcast once a month where the lecturer will be giving you tips on how to pass your exam with ease.

To your exam success,

Tayo Stephen.

P.S. start studying for your ACCA March 2017 diet exam especially if you are not waiting for ACCA December diet exam result. Remember early preparation matters a lot and time wait for no man.

Stay tuned for more exam tips.

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