Last diet, after our online revision classes I received a mail from James Johnson who expressed how he passed is ACCA P1 exam by using our comprehensive video lecture.

Actually, lots of students have used our video lectures to pass their ACCA exam but is result is special to me. So, I checked again to be really sure that he scored a big 89% in P1.

Furthermore this is one of a kind because it not easy to get high scores in ACCA professional level – which doesn’t rely only on technical knowledge but also testing the students like real life scenarios.  So, this implies that he had staggered across the right way to study for his ACCA exam.

Below is what he said:

“I am still not sure how it happened – what I did was that I followed your advised to study at least 1 hour daily and solve more of past papers so that I can really understand the scenarios. Is quite on believable that I got that score”.

So, the fact remains the same that big thing looks simple. Please, go through the whole syllabus at least twice if you are writing any P papers (or any paper that have case study in the questions). Hence, F papers are all about technical knowledge however things change when you get to P level.

It’s weird. When well prepared student fails suddenly and to them it ridiculous because what helped them then is no longer works. Understanding the basic knowledge helps to pass papers at the lower level – it doesn’t work in the higher level.

After all, you are studying to be a professional – someone who applies his knowledge on life scenarios.

So, note that professional focus more on scenarios and not memorizing knowledge – this is what you really need to do in the exam cases.

Furthermore, if you want to pass your exam than be like James.

Since indecision is also a decision then without delay, order for our comprehensive  video lectures that contains all you need to pass your exams with additional free support that will be available to enhance you pass your exams with ease.

To your success

Tayo Stephen.


P.S. You just put your mind at rest a lot people have used our video lectures to pass their exams which I believe that very soon you will be one of them. Maybe not a prize winner but to at least always pass your exams.

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