How to start studying

It takes courage to start a project. There is a proverb that says all men have fear but only the brave take action. I believe you are brave.

So, here is how you can start preparing for your ACCA March 2017 diet exams.

Step 1: Get determined

A determination is a skill that can be learned especially when you have something that you are looking up to. Being a certified accountant will open lots of opportunity for you that ordinary person won’t be able to like flexibility in your career, wealth, advantages and sense of accomplishment.

With this kind of determination in your mind then you step closer to your success.

Step 2: Study the right material

It is always good to study the right material. Over time we realized that most ACCA students study different materials and this really confused them most time. So, study a particular material like our comprehensive video lectures then practice past questions to measure your progress.

Step 3: Set yourself a weekly target

This implies that you need to have an efficient weekly study guide to suit your daily activities and with consistency.

Step 4: Start now


Applying this steps using our approved comprehensive ACCA video lectures

Step 1: Get determined

I will be giving you tips on a weekly basis on how you can pass your ACCA exams with ease.

Step 2: study the right material

Our videos are in line with current ACCA syllabus

Past papers are treated in the video lecture

You will be a chance to ask the lecturer questions 24/7 in our FREE support online forum.

Step 3: Set yourself a weekly target

Go through the video lecture at least an hour daily (very early in the morning) and any day that you did not study due to good reason (excuses)  punish yourself by giving away a certain amount of money to your friend or colleague as a act of discipline.

Step 4: Start now

You know indecision is a decision and sitting on the fence without taking any action is a dangerous position to be in life. So, get our comprehensive video lectures now that will double your chances of passing ACCA your March 2017 diet exams.

P.S. I strongly advice that you get our comprehensive video lectures that will help you to study at your own convenient time which have also helped lots of students to pass their ACCA exam and I believe that very soon you will be one of them. You know your ACCA exam is next month (March) and you really need to prepare very well for your ACCA exam so that you can qualify on time while you start enjoying the benefits of been a certified accountant.

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