3 Health Secrets To boost Your Studies And Pass Your ICAN Exam

Hello Professional Students,

A student once called me to complain of tiredness when he gets back from is working place and usually sleeps while studying because is work is very stressful. However, he has been failing is exam since May 2015 diet.

So, I suggested 3 healthy secret which helped him passed the 4 papers he wrote in the last diet exam. Furthermore, it also affected his productivity level positively at the office. Even some of his colleagues now call him Nokia 33/10.

Below are the 3 habits that really helped him:

  1. Daily physical & mental Habits: Here, you will ensure that you always close early from work, eat a light food at night sleep early. When you wake up in the morning all you need to do is to drink a glass of water, pray, do an exercise for 15minutes, read inspirational material for like 30 minutes and lastly, get a piece of paper and pen to plan your day in advance, successful people think on paper while unsuccessful people trust on luck, chance, imagination and hope.

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  1.    Study habit: get the E-Class Video Lecture early and if you already have one then you need to belief in yourself that you will pass the exam, design a daily study time-table. However, it’s advisable that you study 1 hour daily in order to balance your work and studies. Furthermore, eat before studying and drink water at interval.
  1.    Eating habit: you don’t have to wait until you are hungry before you eat. Ensure that you eat early and you will be surprise how healthy you will look. Furthermore, don’t be thirsty before you drink water. You should always drink water at every 45minutes interval. This will wash toxic away from your body thereby you will be alive and energize.

To Your Success,

Tayo Stephen.

P.S. Although the above habits seems to be very simple but they are critical & very important step in achieving your exam success.

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