Follow These 3 Steps and Your ICAN Exam Success is ‘SURE’ This Diet

There are some principles that one must follow and obey to get a good result and also to be successful in everything you do.

I could still remember one our remarkable and determined student Precious Odezue who wrote PEII old syllabus for 6 diets before she finally became chartered.

According to her, it was her inability to solve enough questions and answers led to  waste of irrecoverable time, money, energy etc. however, she found the technique to be useful out of frustration and quest to pass the exam. So, she attended series of seminars and also researched on why student fail after relentless and exhaustive study, she found that she did not do it right all this while.

However, I asked her that a factor can’t just be enough so she told me 2 additional and important factors that helped to pass her exams finally which are the 3 Steps to perform when preparing for an exam

Comprehensive Material and Early Preparation: the first step to success is to get a comprehensive material that is concise and straight to the answer. This will help you understand the basic knowledge and framework needed to help pass the exam. However, this will just increase your chances of passing the exam by 50% which is very dicey. Therefore, get a comprehensive questions and answers to boost and guarantee your success.

Practice Question and Answer : One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice comprehensive questions that will expose you to different types of questions, expose you to different scenarios, the common style of preparing questions by the examiner, how to answer question to get your full marks and it will expose you to different methods and technique used by the examiner .  At the CIS seminar organize at the airport hotel, the three persons that were given the privilege to share their experience made 70% emphasis on question and answer.  You should also note that nothing is new under the sun. That is, the examiner will never set questions out of the syllabus hence you should get a comprehensive question and answer 2months to the exam which is in line with the syllabus. This helps you get used to the format of the questions, and solution which will slim your chances of failing the exam.

Mock Exam: Mock exam help you prepare and learn from your mistakes, manage and overcome stress under exam conditions. So, it is advisable that student should go through series mock of exams 2weeks to the exam because a student is expected to have finished his both the E-Class Video and Comprehensive Questions and Answers.

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to pass difficult exams. So follow the above steps to

and join the top successful persons in your forthcoming exams now

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