How you too can cope in this current economic situation.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no

one thinks of changing himself.”


Last month, one of my neighbor who has a wife and

3 kids lost his job, I felt sorry for him because his house rent will expire next month, and his children’s school fees is due, he also has to deal with Nepa bill, Lawma bills, infact, he can’t even afford three-square mill anymore (survival mode) . Hence, he said they sacked 55 people in his company and slashed the salary of those that were retained by 40% because the company whose name im not permitted to mention here couldn’t keep up with the office expenses, salary payment, etc due to our current economy situation..

I wish he had listened to my advice last year I remember how I tried my best to persuade him to work on being a better person by learning new skills, become an expert in his field but he refused because he thought that there will always be time and opportunity to work on himself, hence, he fully depended only on his monthly salary. Afterall, change is the only constant thing in life and the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

The good news is that our current economic reality is a temporary one, Infact, economics experts have been predicting that Nigeria will be out of recession in the 3rd quarter of the year. So it will be wise that you start planning on how you can maximize future opportunities. So why worry? Because hurting yourself will not solve the problem.

So it will be wise that you take deliberate action now to work on yourself to maximize future opportunities which I am already doing personally.


Below are 3 proven techniques that will help you to cope and plan ahead to maximize future opportunities.

#1. Don’t worry yourself: Rather than discussing Nigeria’s problem

all the time with friends or colleague, why not focus on the things that

are within your control since discussing Nigeria issue from now till 3,000AD,

if you are still alive won’t change anything. However, think of the worst

thing that will ever happen then prepare your mind.


#2. Plan for the worst: After knowing the worst thing that will ever happen

then think of how you can cope and prevent it. For instance, you need to

budget and spend below your means since the cost of purchasing commodities

(rice, beans, semo, garri) are high.


#3. Work on yourself: Rather than complaining that Nigeria is not good why

not work on yourself daily? you never can tell the opportunity that will open

up for you tomorrow. However, you need to be ready for the opportunity.

After all, opportunity and chance are out of our control, what we can

control is our preparation.

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To your life success,

Yinusa Omobolanle


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