This One Simple “Secret” Can Make You Rich And Secure For Life

The receptionist for one of the biggest schools in Nigeria  was taking some information about my daughter when I went to enrol her in school. He paused to look at me for a second. My guess—he asked himself if I could really afford the fees… Most likely because I wasn’t as charismatically dressed as most parents he’d seen walk in. (Oga—I hope you know our school fees are high –he said). So I smiled and gave him my master card for the bills.

I told him how much he could make if I train him in a day. That’s when he dropped his pen, pushed back his chair and said what I’ve heard  so many times before:


You Can MakeThat Much Money In A Day…

Hello Adebola,

I didn’t think too much about it at the time…. when this receptionist was so shocked after I told him how much he could make. But it really is true: I have an amazing job—though It wasn’t always this way… Before I knew about this ‘secret little career”, I was struggling  to earn a living. Jumping from one job I hated to another job I hated…..never making more than N60,000 as a family man. In my last job, I was making N50,000 monthly—N600000 a year—serving those who are young enough to be my children. I have a family of 4 to feed with my wife making 5. My first child was in the university already, my second born was in SS3 at this time, another one in her early teenage years and my 4 year old son – each—with their own expenses. I also have to take responsibility for my siblings as the first born – this, I have been doing since we lost our parents at a very young age.

Now, My Neighbors think I’m retired or doing something shady to make money.

In many ways I have retired because for the first time in my life, I decide how my days will be spent. Someday, I feel like working for a few hours while other days, I just hang out with my little son who is now 5 years old.

Here’s the thing, though….

You can learn the same skill that lets us earn a very comfortableincome from home year after year(I’m already training my children on them). And even if you enjoy the 9-5pm job, you can still make your extra cash and add to your income, so that you too can live in the comfort you deservewith your family .

If you do–You’ll be in constant demand You’ll never be wanting for work or money.

Once you have these skills, you can do and accomplish anything. It’s that powerful—only few of us know them and you Adebola — are about to be among those few I know— I’m a living proof of it. And so are the friends who’ve discovered this amazing opportunity….much like you’re about to today.

So just what is this little skills I learned –the one that transformed me from a N60000 per month to a minimum of N450000 extra cash monthly– sometimes when I feel lazy.

I learned how to use these skills

QUICKBOOK; Tally Erp9;

Computer Security; Microsoft Access; Essential Excel; Microsoft Powerpoints;

Microsoft Words; Microsoft Projects; Project Management; Corel Draw;

Photoshop; Web design-Html; Audit Command Language;

Italian Language; Russian Language;

I know that may surprise you….

The demand is so enormous, in fact, that as soon as I finish writing this mail, I can make a phone call (or send off an email) to one of my clients – and have five new staffs he wants me to train on Advanced Excel and Sage 50 with other referrers to choose from… each person for each trainings worth anywhere from N40,000 to N80,000 in potential income to me. These  are financially valuable skills that will quickly lift you above any economic hardship……..forever.

And guess what?….

They’re very easy to learn. Just a few simple secret and you’re good to go. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a get rich’ quick proposition. No—it’s one that – once you learn what to do and how to do them— can put you in high demand by some of the biggest companies in the world….and provide you with a six-figure annual income for the rest of your life.

Now –I know it may be hard for you to believe that you can make so much money from using these products.

But let me take this 1 step further….

You don’t even Need To Be An Expert In These Skills To Be Successful.

So what’s the cost of these lifetimes of knowledge?

If the information in our Personal Development videos were available is schools, it would cost you many thousands of naira. You know as well as I do, people spend over N100000 on a professional training that might train you on one or two of these skills. Although, the actual price of these 19  Personal Development Videos is N160,000. But between now and 31st of December 2017, we’ll be running our End of the year Promo. So you can pick up the videos for N50,000 while you save N110000 PLUS Free delivery to any location in Nigeria.

 But wait……with just N10,000 – You Can Get Started.

Instead of paying the whole amount upfront—you can sign up for the training for just N10000. While you spread the balance payment for the period of 4 months. Think of it as your End of the year investment for a rewarding 2018 in comfort. We’ll send you everything you need to get started including the bonus Workbooks and Software’s. However, you’ll have access to 1 of the videos completely while you can use each of the remaining videos for 90 minutes each. You can call this your ‘let me see if this is for me’ option.

It’s the most important investment you can make in yourself.

Our Personal Development videos  is the only place you can learn everything there is to know about this little ”niche” market at once.) 

Some of what you’ll get and how you can use these skills

–You’ll be able to practice everything you have learnt from the videos using 12 months FREE Software and a detailed workbook that comes with the videos for FREE. With this, you automatically gain an edge over every of your colleagues while your boss will beg you to stay at any price you demand –yes, you heard that right—you’ll start demanding.

You can use it to stand out at interviews and be the chosen one even before the interview ends— you can even be in charge of trainings for companies if you don’t feel like doing the 9 to 5pm jobs –just like me

In just 12 months, my life has changed dramatically.


3 Easy Ways to Order:

  1. Call 07038174484, 09076786154 or 08023428420
  2. Click on this link to make payment directly using your card

  1. You can make an online transfer to this account number

(GT Bank 0011952537,

Account Name: Starry Gold Academy, it’s a Current Account)

and reply this mail with and subject:(If you’re paying in installment )


(If you’re paying in full) ”PAYMENT FOR WOW PACKAGE VIDEOS”

as the subject of your email, then state the below details in your email

Name, phone number, what you are buying, comprehensive address

and amount paid, so we can process your order immediately.


 Our 100% No risk Guarantee……

Yes– there’s no risk To You.

You can take 7 days to look it all over. Start working on the training video. If it’s everything you imagined—or if you happen to decide the Personal Development video just isn’t worth your money afterall—return the package within those 7 days and we’ll send your N10000 back ….no questions asked, we’ll issue a refund of your purchase price. In other words, there’s absolutely no risk in giving this incredible training a try. But if you like what you see –and you’re ready to begin your new career, you can keep the videos and make your balance payment subsequently.

This is going to be the Best N10,000 you’ll ever spend this year…..

Its everything you need to learn the skills and launch your brand

new six figure career.


To Your Life Success,

Favour Olasubomi.


PS: One of the interesting contracts I got recently is to be an interpreter for a Russian man while earn N20000 for just 6 hours—yes, I guess you did your calculations right? –that’s N600000 for a month. But as you’ll experience after these trainings, offers like this one serve as the foundation compared to the opportunities opened to you with the other products And Accounting packages in a month. (Yes, even in this terrible economy…..) Could this be you?…. yes—is this achievable? ….sure. Opportunities are everywhere, it definitely won’t announce to you before it comes. It’s just going to appear – -and if you’re prepared with the right skills—you grab it.

So be sure to ACT NOW –

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