Be one step ahead with CISA

In this age of technological advancement,

there is a limit to how an auditor can effectively

audit IT personnels without CISA.

So if all companies want to go the technology way because

it increases productivity and profit,

then all auditor should be able to audit the technological way too.

So for me, I wanted to be able to:

 Evaluate risk management practices

 Evaluate the value of the IT control framework

 Evaluate IT policies, standards, processes and procedures within the organization.

 Manage and monitor IT personnel.

In order words, I not only wanted to be an auditor but I wanted to be an IT auditor.

After I became a member of ISACA,

there was an opening at the organization where I worked,

the chief auditor resigned.

So the directors decided to do an in-house recruitment instead of outsourcing since

they knew some of us where chartered.

At the interview, I presented to the board how

I was going to establish audit controls within the organization

I also pointed out to them some leakages and

the sources of those leakages,

I presented some technology controls which

I suggested were to be adopted in the IT department of our organization

in order to curtail some of the excesses.

By the time I finished the presentation,

they told me right there that I had the job even though

they interviewed the others.

That was how I became the Chief auditor of my company

which more than tripled my income.

I am Abolore Abifarin, I belong to ISACA and

thanks to Starry Gold Academy, they made CISA very easy for me.

P.S: Be unique, be peculiar, be one step ahead of others.

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