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Become a PRO on How to Use SAGE 50 With This Comprehensive Video Training.

Become a PRO on How to Use SAGE 50 With This Comprehensive Video Training.

Mastering Sage 50 made easy with over 100 practical video lessons.
We make learning SAGE 50 simple and easy to understand, no matter your experience level.
Whether you are completely new to SAGE 50 or upgrading from Peachtree, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a proficient user.
Stop worrying about your accounting and concentrate on your business.
What you will learn from the SAGE 50 Video Training;
 Installation of SAGE 50.
 creation of company
 SAGE 50 environment and dashboard
 Dashboard shortcuts
 Changing of period
 Gl global option
 Default information
 General ledger-chart of accounts
 Modifying chart of accounts assets
 Modifying chart of accounts-liability and capital
 Modifying chart of account-sales and cost of sales
 Modifying chart of account-expenses.
 Correction of wrong account id.
 Brief explanation of the account type.
 Creation of customers
 Creation of vendors.
 Creation of inventory.
 Setting up VAT
 Impact of sales tax(vat).
 Changing the currency symbol
 Account beginning balances
 Customer’s beginning balances
 Vendor’s beginning balances.
 Tax menu
 Issuing a purchase order
 Turning a purchase order into an invoice
 Making direct purchases
 Treatment of purchases returns
 Treatment of sales order.
 Turning sales order into actual sales
 Credit sales of vatable and non-vatable products.
 Treatment of cash sales
 Treatment of sales returns
 Making payment to vendors
 Receipts from customers
 Making payment for office running expenses.
 Making payment using account register and general journal
 Account receivable-customer’s ledger
 Exporting customer report to excel and pdf
 Account receivable- other customer’s report
 Account payable-vendor’s ledger
 Exporting customers account to excel and pdf.
 General ledger report
 -general ledger trial balance.
 Financial statement report.
 Backing up and restoring back up.
 Introduction to access control.
 Creating users
 User access and right
 The effect of access control on the account
 Welcome to advanced section
 Creating a new company as an advanced user
 Building your chart of accounts
 Set up customers default.
 Set up inventory default
 Set up general ledger default.
 What next after default set-ups.
 Banks reconciliation statement
 Bank reconciliation report.
 Preparing your budget.
 Budget report with variance analysis
 Intro to payroll.
 Setting up your payroll.
 Setting up your deductions.
 Setting up individuals employee salary details
 Monthly payroll preparation
 Payroll report
 Introduction to forms customization
 Customizing invoices.
 Samples customized invoice.
 Welcome to project accounting.
 Setting up a job or project.
 Recognition of project incomes sales
 Posting of project expenses.
 Posting of receipt on project.
 Job reports and profitability analysis.
 Project involving company’s inventory or stock
 Recognizing project income-involving the inventory.
 Project profitability report-reflecting cost automatically
 Welcome to assembly.
 set up component part and finished products chart of account.
 Set up components parts as inventory items
 Set up finished products element-bill of exchange.
 Setting up suppliers of component parts.
 Purchasing component parts from vendors
 Building of finished products.
 Sales of finished goods.
 Report to component stock and finished products
 Treatment of credit notes
 Posting of what was deducted from the vendor’s invoice.
 Exporting to excel and pdf
 Importing customers’ list
 Importing vendors list.
 Importing inventory items
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