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Hello Professional Students,

Last week, one of our students who attended our CIS lectures in 2010 when we were running physical classes came to our office to get our CIS comprehensive video lectures for Paper 2.

However, I was perplexed as to why he haven’t finished his CIS exam and why has he decided to continue his CIS exam. So, he told me that the reason why he didn’t write the exam all this while was that Writing CIS exams was not encouraging due to some personal reasons like the lecture fee is too expensive; no time to attend lectures owing to his busy schedule; Nigeria is in recession (the stock market is down) with no hope for chartered stock brokers.

I understood how he was feeling. So I asked him why he changed his mind and decided to write the exam again. His response was that he got a job offer from a reliable source (an insider) to work in a stock broking firm with a very good pay and he couldn’t apply because the position required a person that is a chartered stock broker. So, he missed the opportunity. I felt sorry for him because he couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity because of lack of preparation. On the other hand, I was happy for him since he has come to a realization that he needs to work on how he will get chartered which will help him become better to achieve his life goals rather than giving up.

Remember Isaac Newton’s first law of motion which states that every object will remain at a state of rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its course by the action of an external force. This implies that everything in our life remains the same and also means that if you do not write your CIS exam it will be an abandon project until you do something about it. It is not a good thing to delay your exams which will have long-term impacts because of short-term problem or pain that we are currently facing in Nigeria. What does this mean?

Note that, Nigeria’s problems have always been there and rather than focusing on the problem, why not try to be a solution provider which will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. So, if you don’t give up, you’ll surely be a qualified stockbroker in no time.

After all, Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb only after the 10000th attempt.  He did not see the initial set-backs attempts as failures but as steps that helped discover how light bulb works. The ball is in court. We have a FREE support forum where you can ask our lecturers any question relating to your CIS exam; you will have access to exam likely questions for 12 weeks including mid diet & end of the diet mock questions that will triple your chances of passing your CIS exam. Click here now to join our FREE Support forum


To your success,

Tayo Stephen ACS.


P.S.  Don’t forget that Winners never quit and quitters never win. Learn from the above student’s experience. So have the passion and don’t be afraid because you too can make it. Click here now to join our FREE Support forum that has helped lots of students to pass their CIS exam and will also enhance your chances of passing your CIS exam.


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