How Do I Learn to Be Discipline in Preparing for My CIS Exams?

You checked your calendar or your phone for the date and
discovered that It’s just three months left to CIS Exams and then you said,

“OOOhhhh! time is too fast these days, abegi! I will start reading by tomorrow“.

Tomorrow comes again and you say to yourself again,

“Haaaa!!! I don’t know where the time is running to ooo, wooo!!! Let me just start by weekends.”

and this continues until exams are knocking on your front door.

It might seem funny but we are all guilty of that. You strategize
and make plans on how you will effectively study for
an exam but still you find yourself doing irrelevant things.

According to one of my students, Mercy, who
made plans on starting her exams preparations since a month ago
but still finds herself doing nothing about it as every day passes by,
she just keeps giving herself one excuses after another.

And now it’s just three months to the exams.

“My fear is that if I continue like this, I will end up not
preparing well for this exam due to my procrastinating attitude” Mercy said to me

I shared some tips with her so as to help her stay disciplined in preparing for her exams. I would like to share
some of the tips with you as well;

First, you have to get rid of temptations because
Self-discipline becomes very easy when the things or people that distract you are out of sight, out of reach.
Make sure before you start studying, your mobiles phones and every other garget are switched off or completely out of sight.
For some people that put their phones very close to them and have active internet. Immediately they get a notification sound,
the urge to reply to the message is always there. Therefore,
it is advised to put your mobile phones away when studying.
And try to get rid of every other temptation too.

Secondly, you have to stop the habit of perfect timing.
The truth be told, you do not need to wait for a perfect time to
start studying for your exams. Use the available time to study for your exams; the available time is a perfect time.
Yes, we all want that time when we will be gingered;
when our body, spirit, and mind will be synchronized to study.
Most times, the so-called ‘perfect timing’ might not show up. Probably until the exam is in a few weeks or it might not even come due to unforeseen circumstances.
Therefore, the habit of perfect timing should be stopped instead discipline yourself to read when there is available time. It pays more.

We are going to pause here for today, in my next article,
I will share with you the reason why it is important to
discipline yourself as you start preparing for your CIS exams and
give you other tips you need to achieve that.

P.S. With self–discipline most, anything is possible. Self–discipline is what separates the winners and the losers.

CIS exams is in three months to go now, discipline yourself and start your effective preparations now if you have not started.

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