I Want To Study But I Can’t Concentrate… 

Does this sound familiar?
You have a big exam like ATS coming up, so you know it’s time to hit the books.
When you sit to start studying, five minutes later, your phone rings.
It’s a text message from your cousin, Ada. She’s asking about the family trip
that you’re going on after your exam.
After replying Ada’s text messages, you look at the time. 15 minutes have gone by!
You put your phone aside and get back to your reading.
10 minutes later, your Facebook notification pops up.
You only intend to spend a few minutes on Facebook,
but you end up browsing through three photo albums,
commenting on four status, and watching two videos.
All of this takes you another 20 minutes.
I’m sure something like this has happened to you before.
Could this be the reason why people fail ATS exams?
Or is it because we are MILLENNIALS?
According to Pew Research Center, anyone born from
1981 till date is considered a Millennial.
People of Social media age and massive technology advancement.
You may ask….. does it mean that because I am a MILLENNIAL, so I must be distracted?
The answer is NO, you can choose not to be distracted because you need to pass ATS exams.
Think about the money you have paid for registration, subscription and the time spent.
If you must pass this diet, then you must conquer distraction.
1. Always put your phone on silent mode and place it away from you while studying, don’t even but it vibration mode.
2. Turn off your Internet access…. Did I hear say “NO” .
Well, it is just an advice so that you can pass your exam.
3. Ask people (Your spouse, children or friends) to give you privacy or better still, look for a private place of study or maybe use the library.
4. You need a time table to plan your reading time and be very strict with yourself on this. You can request for our 30days success blueprint.
5. When you notice any form of distraction; admit it,
say out loud “this is a distraction” and take a deep breath and stop the distraction.
This will help your subconscious mind to define what is a distraction to you
and learn to ignore it.
In our increasingly connected world of smartphones, tablets, laptops and high-speed Internet, distractions are everywhere.
You’ll need to make a deliberate and committed effort if you must pass this ATS May diet
P.S Success is HABIT…. Since you can learn a habit,
then you can learn to be successful in this coming
diet by conquering distraction.
Now that you have learn to conquer DISTRACTION,
you need VIDEO LECTURES so that you can micro manage your limited time.
To get the offline video lecture and 30 days ATS exams success blueprint  that will help finish each of the ATS syllabus in 30 days
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