No Time to Check Time.

Hello Professional Students,

From my years of teaching experience, I realized that procrastination is a major factor that hindered students from preparing for their exam. So here is food for thought on how to overcome procrastination and how you can pass your ICAN exam with ease.

Firstly you need to be sincere with yourself that all human being procrastinate and procrastination is the number enemy to exam success. Since, you need your job to pay ICAN fees except if someone else is sponsoring you.

Note that problems are part of life and problems are good because anybody that is succeeding in any sphere of life is solving a particular problem. This means that you have to solve some problem before you can pass your ICAN exam.

I wish I can tell you that once you have our comprehensive video lectures then you will automatically pass your ICAN exam but the truth is that you need study the videos, practice the weekly questions, ask the lecturer questions, join the live class etc. all this will triple your chances of passing your exam.

I think you need to have a structured daily time table from when you wake up in the morning till when you sleep in the evening and you have to discipline yourself to follow your daily time table. So, write only the papers that you can fully prepare for.

Furthermore, it’s advisable that you study very early in the morning not in the evening when you are tired. This implies that if you normally wake up 6am you have to start waking up by 5am to study 1 hour daily. In addition, you need to sleep early, rest well, spend time with your love ones, drink plenty of water, eat fruits then don’t overwork your body. I believe the above tips will triple your chances of passing your exam and you will thank me after passing your ICAN exam.

Click on the below link to download the daily time table guide.



To your exam success,

Temitiope Oluwaferanmi,

P.S. I am sorry to inform you that you have 78 days to your ICAN May 2017 diet exam. Note that there is no time to check time & we are in the 3rd month of the year so sit up otherwise you might keep on fantasizing without achieving anything this year. A word is enough for the wise and please avoid making the same mistakes that you make last year.

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