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Actually, our major goal is to help thousands of students become chartered stock broker which we have been doing since 2007 till date. However, we realized that some students find it very difficult to pass their CIS exam. Some students have complained they fail their exam despite studying very hard. In fact it was a quite disturbing when a student called me to express her frustration after failing CIS Paper 1 and 3 exams for the third time.

So for this reason we interviewed CIS examiners to really know what on their mind; the major reason why students fail CIS exam and how students can pass their CIS exam with ease.

Here is our finding which I believe will be very helpful to your next CIS exam success that if you apply the principles.

So we interviewed different CIS examiners to really what on their mind and the major reason why students fail CIS exam. Below is our finding which I believe that it will be very helpful to your next CIS exam success that if you apply the principles.

Me: What is your general overview of CIS students

Examiner: CIS student are people working hard in all sectors of life trying to make more money and become more successful in all their endeavors. In fact that why most of them are writing CIS exam apart from those that are writing the exam as their passion.

Me: from your 10 years’ of marking experience, do student really answer the questions satisfactorily to meet the examiner expectation?

Examiner: No, they do not have in-depth study of topic. They only have a faint idea of the topics. Sometimes, it is as if they did not study at all. This is very obvious the way students answer the exam questions

Me: with the solution student provided to each exam questions, do you think they really understand the questions?

Examiner: In most cases they don’t understand the questions. That is, they don’t understand the examiner’s requirement. For instance, if a student is asked to “discuss”, what we expect student to have a basic knowledge of the subject matter, analysis and draw their own judgment.

Me: In computation, do student really know how to apply the formulas and tables.

Examiner: Some students don’t know how to apply the formulas and don’t give in depth analysis. Even when they understand the theoretical framework, applying it is very difficult.

Me: do student Management their time?

Examiner: No, they don’t. They spend too much time on question they know best and at the end of the day time has already gone.

Me: How should they manage their time during exam?

Examiner: They should start by spending less time on questions. For every full question they should not spend beyond 36 minutes. For those that are writing level 1 exam which is objectives, they are meant to spend only 1 minute on each questions. Furthermore, since each questions are allotted to a specific marks, student should not write more on 2marks, 3marks, 4marks questions that for students writing level 2 exam etc. However, in question that are allotted 15marks, you required to give a thorough and in depth analysis so that you can get higher marks.

Me: What is your advice?

Examiner: Student should practice as many past questions and answers as possible. This will help them understand the trend, style, depth of answering questions and answers. They should also carefully read and understand the questions asked by the examiner because some of them fail not only because they don’t the answer but they ignore to follow the examiner’s instruction carefully. Furthermore, they need to apply the skills in answering questions.

  • Knowledge of the subject matter:
  • Analysis of questions like functions and importance of the subject in question
  • Judgement: That is, after analysis of the subject matter, there should be judgement. For instance, when you are asked the merits of human resource manager in a company, you should not only discuss the merit, you should also discuss the demerit by using the word “HOWEVER”. Finally, conclude with your judgement with the type of business it can be applied.

To your CIS exam success

Tayo Stephen ACS

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