Is CITN exams really difficult?

No exam is actually difficult or simple,
but why are student failing exams
if no exam is difficult?
Deola had written CITN for more than 3 times
but didn’t pass any, so he is now frustrated
and he sent me a mail with this caption
“Is CITN exams really difficult?”
I asked him how he had been preparing
for the exams and he told me that
he uses more than 5 voluminous textbooks for
each of the courses, so in most cases
he never had time to solve enough past question.
You are preparing for CITN exams
and not doing research, you don’t need
all the voluminous textbooks before you can pass,
Why not get a material like Video Lectures
that contains all the topics you are required
to know for CITN and also contain plenty past
question for you to test your level of preparedness.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that Deola has be failing
because he was using too many voluminous text books,
we are only looking at the possibilities…
Another thing Deola told me is that
he had always had the impression that
CITN exam is difficult and that has been an issue for years.
Our state of mind also goes a long way
to affect our outcomes in exams.
So, what is your state of mind?
Do you still think that CITN exam is difficult or ease?
Do you mind sharing with me?
If yes,
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