Your Child Can Learn How To Create Website And Become A PRO In 14 Days (For secondary and university students)

Your Child Can Learn How To Create Website And Become A PRO In 14 Days
(For secondary and university students)As much as it important to you for your child to be educated,
it is also more important for your child to develop at least a skill
because skill is what your child will work with after getting a certificate.
Your child certificate is JUST and evidence that he/she is educated,
while skill is the reason your child will be employed.

If SKILL is what your child needs to work after graduation,
why not allow your child to start learning this global skill now


• How to get domain name e.g., etc.

• How to host your website online.

• How to build almost any kind of Website using WordPress for yourself, friends or customers.

• How to develop blog website like , etc.

• How to develop an online store (ecommerce website) like Konga, Jumia etc.

• How to develop website for companies.

• How to import ready-made beautiful websites in minutes! (So you never have to pay a graphic designer).


1. You or your child will be added to our whatsapp group where you will get the daily video training for 14 days.

2. You or your child will be able to ask question and get solution regarding website development.

3. You or your child will get the Blueprint of the training.

4. You or your child will host and develop a website by yourself within the 14 days.

5. This training is 100 percent practical.


1. Google tools video tutorial.

2. How to design graphics like a PRO using Crello and Canva.

3. How to become a Freelance WordPress website developer at the comfort of your home.

4. 6 Months mentorship.

NOTE: This training is in batches and we only admit limited people per training.
The next starts on Friday 27th May 2022.

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