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This is Starry Gold Academy ACCA Silver approved learning partners (SALP).

ACCA December diet exam is out and you will have access to get your result within the next 24 hours. This will enable you to fully focus and know the exact paper to prepare for, in your ACCA March diet exam, or June diet, that is if you don’t have enough time to prepare for March diet exams.

Actually with our comprehensive video lectures you can study at your own convenient time to suit your busy schedule. This implies that you still have the opportunity to fully prepare for ACCA March 2017 Diet exam.

I am usually happy when ACCA release the result because it is an amazing feedback for the students. Hence, if you pass your exam – continue the same method of studying that led to your exam success. However, if its vice versa – I strongly advice that you try a new study approach, like getting our comprehensive video lectures that have helped lots of students to pass their

ACCA exam with ease, and affords you to study at your convenient time to suit your busy schedule.


  1. Get your result,
  2. Decide which paper you want to write for ACCA March 2017 diet exam,
  3. Start studying for your ACCA exam because early preparation matter a lot.

I am sure this will help you to achieve your professional goal and future success. Furthermore, if you are yet to join our FREE support forum that helped lots of students to pass their ACCA exam, kindly Click Here to Join Now


To your ACCA exam success,

Tayo Stephen


P.S. Benefit of our ACCA  Comprehensive video lectures:

It’s in line with current ACCA syllabus; past and likely Q&A included; soft copy available that you can print out and use it as a note and FREE support where you can interact (call and chat) with the lecturer and also get weekly exam likely questions and answers that might come our in your exam

for 12 weeks including Mid – Mock and end of the diet Q&A.


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