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On Monday, I went to ICAN office and I was fortunate to discuss with an examiner and during our discussion, I asked him that what is his advice for ICAN students so he told me that most students need to cultivate a better study habit to pass their exam with ease and it’s so sad that most physical classes don’t help students to cultivate this habit.

Furthermore, due to most student’s busy schedule (work from Monday to Friday) physical classes is not really the best system to prepare for ICAN exam (attend classes for 8 hour during weekend) and our brain is not machine to assimilate for that long hours because the secret to passing ICAN exam is to study daily and that’s why most students try very hard and still fail their exam.

Actually, I agreed with him because I observed overtime that most student who usually come to our office to make enquiry complain that it’s not easy working and writing ICAN exam at the same time; need to spend time with their loved ones during weekend; attending physical classes is stressful sometimes (transportation fee, hold up); the lecture fee is expensive and if they miss a class, the lecturer won’t repeat that topic because of one student maybe until revision period.

However, when they say this, I am always happy for them because with our video lectures they won’t have to face all these challenges instead of that it will help them to develop the right study habit of passing their ICAN exam.

Please note that I am not condemning physical classes and I am not saying that our videos are 100% perfect just that, I realized that with our comprehensive video lectures you can study at your convenient time to suit your busy schedule and lots of students have used our video lectures to pass their ICAN exam. After all, the easiest way to pass your ICAN exam is early preparation with regular studies (at least one hour daily), not arbitrary studies.


To your success,

Temitope Oluwaferanmi


P.S. Currently, we are in recession and you need to save cost, so I strongly recommend that you get our comprehensive videos which are cheaper and with additional support that will triple your chances of passing ICAN May 2017 diet exam.


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