What Exactly Can I Do To Pass!!!

A student once called me for advice on what strategy he can adopt to pass the next diet exam. According to him he has at least 3 textbooks for each course in addition to the ATS pack. He said he feels paralyzed whenever he starts to study because he always worry on when and how he will be able to cover all the materials he had gathered. He said it was the fourth time he was sitting for the exam and has not managed to pass even one paper, so in his frustration he called me. My advice to him was very simple and short.

I told him to adopt the time tested approach.

They are:
• Put aside all the materials you have including the ATS packs.
• Get video lectures.
• Get the 30 days ATS success blueprint.
• Go through the video lectures at least two times before the exams (including questions and answers already solved in the videos.).
• If you still have time, then add ATS packs and other materials.
• Join the 30days ATS exams study challenge

This simple approach will help you a lot. That is my advice. See Testimonies of students who adopt the method for last diet

So follow it and your success is guaranteed this September diet.
Remember that the time is too short for you to start attending physical lectures or using multiple textbooks.

If you don’t have
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